Tribute to the Wilhelm Scream – Crowdsourced Sound Library

Tribute to the Wilhelm Scream – Crowdsourced Sound Library

The Wilhelm scream has probably become one of the most famous sound effect in film history. We, sound designers, try to religiously use this original scream in as many projects as possible. But wouldn’t it be fun if every sound designer recorded his own Wilhelm scream as close to the original sound as possible. This way we can use a Wilhelm sound-alike without damaging our wonderful tradition. As a bonus we can send our fellow sound designer an email telling him that you used his scream in project “x”.

More information about the “Wilhelm scream”:

Download the original file:

Crowdsourced Library Submission Process:

Participants will have until June 1st (2014) to contribute. They will deliver the file with the below specifications and receive a download link shortly after the deadline has been reached. Quality control for files will be a concern so please try to deliver a recording that represents itself at a “professional” level.

File Naming:
Please keep file names exactly as in the example below and use underscores instead of spaces when necessary.

My name is Jef Aerts, so my file name will be: scream_JefAerts.wav

If you like to send in more versions of your scream please start with a suffix padding of “0” (01, 02, 03).

It is my intention to add your full name, email address, other contact information and microphone info to the meta-data. Please include a .txt file containing this information.

Photo (Optional):
I thought it would be funny to have a picture to go along with the recordings. Please provide a high quality photo of you or your company logo. This is not a requirement.

All files should be recorded in mono at 96kHz, 24bit. Please send the files to

Shortly after the deadline has been reached I will email contributors a password protected link to the file locations.

I would like to keep this as informal and casual as possible. All contributors to this library are free to use the files in projects as they please. This library is not for resale or to be sold after acquired.

My first attempt to recreate the Wilhelm Scream:

So please comment on this post if you wish to be a contributor. There is no limit of contributors. The deadline is June 1st (2014).


29 thoughts on “Tribute to the Wilhelm Scream – Crowdsourced Sound Library

  1. Hi Cousin Jef,

    it looks like I’m the first to reply. Well, I’m in! As soon as I can I’m screaming my lungs out. AAGRH!

    Good luck with the Blog. Looking forward to reading about those adventures.

    All the best, Cousin Tom.

  2. Jef, brilliant project! I’m a longtime fan of the Wilhelm Scream. When I’m trying to describe it to people I often attempt to perform it but never really pull it off, usually because I’m in a public area and am trying to use a modicum of restraint, and of course it is impossible to do the scream correctly if you are holding back in any way. So I guess this opportunity is a call to duty.
    Nice first attempt! I think “scream #1” is a real contender.

  3. Hey Jef, awesome idea!

    I’ve just recorded my submission, much to the confusion and terror of my neighbours I would imagine!

    Where’s best to send the download link to?

  4. Hi Jef,

    sending my file. I hope I never have to scream like that in public. People might die of laughter πŸ™‚ Worst vocal control ever!

  5. Hi guys, thank you so much for the nice feedback and enthusiasm for this project. If you guys like to participate in something new, I’m always open to suggestions.

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